Med över 30 år av uppfinningar och innovationer för stereoskopisk 3D är RealD en ledande teknikutvecklare och leverantör av högkvalitativa 3D-visualiseringsverktyg för vetenskap, forskning och produktutveckling. Vår teknik möjliggör alltifrån simulering och uppfinningar av högteknologiska produkter för att snabbare komma ut till  till marknaden genom virtuella prototyper. Pålitlig teknik för verksamhetskritiska tillämpningar av militära- och forskningsorganisationer såsom NASA, RealDs stereografiska produkter ger bilder liv, och får dom att poppa ut från skärmen.

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RealDs Globala Marknader

RealD är världsledande innovatör och leverantör av stereoskopisk teknik som används inom vetenskap,  tillverkning, försvar, geovetenskap, medicinsk forskning, marknadsföring och andra  industrier. Vare sig det är NASA som lotsar Mars Rover, den militära utformning  ett nytt hangarfartyg, utvecklingen av nya invasiva minimala medicinska metoder eller en extraordinär nöjespark med virtual reality attraktioner, gör RealD Professionella 3D-teknik  upptäckter till reducerad  kostnad och med mindre resurser.

  1. Entertainment
    Studios, post-production houses, theme parks, museums, science centers, almost any content producer or destination center can value from stereoscopic integration by providing a more exciting and rich experience, while improving ROI and productivity. RealD Professional technology is fueling the 3D revolution in feature films with post-production systems like mastering content on our proprietary 3D EQ (aka Ghostbusting) technology, and implementing RealD Professional hardware throughout the content creation pipeline. Our destination partners have also seen attendance increase by adopting 3D for their new virtual attractions.

    Sample Applications
    • 3D virtual rides and 3D entertainment shows at theme parks, museums and science centers are an effective way to increase attendance and entertainment value with only a small footprint required for installation.
    • Trusted by major Hollywood studios and leading filmmakers, RealD Professional technology is present at each step in the content creation pipeline, helping to enhance the visual quality of 3D images.
  2. Government and Defense
    RealD Professional stereoscopic technology has fueled organizations such as NASA and the military to increase productivity, accuracy, mission success rates and operational intelligence while reducing risk, investment and time spent planning complex projects. RealD Professional provides a platform to actualize multiple plans prior to mission-critical decision making.

    Sample Applications
    • NASA utilizes stereoscopic visualization for R&D, equipment design, astronomical visualization and piloting remote vehicles such as the Mars Rover.
    • Military models new products and utilizes stereoscopic environments for flight, driving and operation planning simulations.
    • Satellite imaging for terrain mapping, route finding and boundary determination are more efficient utilizing stereoscopic technology.
    • Stereoscopic tools unlock space exploration’s full potential through 3D planetary and orbital pattern visualization.
    • Environmental modeling and geospatial planning in 3D make analyzing and overlaying complex GIS data of environmental statistics, weather, natural resources, political boundaries, population data and other variables more efficient.
  3. Geosciences
    Geosciences require a wealth of information to make the most informed decisions and predictions about geologic processes and natural resource locations. Decision making in the natural environment requires technology for accurate interpretation and representation of data. RealD Professional’s stereoscopic visualization provides the ability to view complex data gathered from the field for optimal decisions. Drilling engineers, geophysicists, geologists, petrophysicists and other geoscientists can make faster and more accurate decisions when visualizing in 3D.

    Sample Applications

    • Environment simulations in a stereoscopic environment help accurately recreate situations, analyze designs or determine the impact of the human element.
    • Geologic visualization of soil layers, natural resource and terrain while factoring in wind and water patterns help oil and gas drilling teams work more accurately and efficiently during extraction.
    • Stereoscopic visualization of weather systems for better interpretation and more accurate understanding.
    • Landscape is more accurately interpreted for infrastructure development, mapping, geologic change interpretation and the application of photogrammetric compilation.
  4. Design/Architecture
    Utilizing stereoscopic technology for design and development provides a more realistic view of physical objects and unlocks details not clear in 2D. Stereoscopic use reduces prototype costs, improves speed-to-market, and improves client retention through a stronger platform for discussion and understanding prior to finalizing designs.

    Sample Applications

    • Reduce time and prototype expense for consumer products by refining designs in true 3D, reducing design cycles with fewer physical creations.
    • Collaborative design review in stereoscopic vision creates realistic environments for ergonomic review, scale comparisons, part interaction and usability analysis.
    • Using AutoCAD and other architecture design programs, realistic virtual 3D environments during the design phase provide for virtual walk throughs delivering efficiencies for residential to mega-structures.
  5. Medical
    From surgical tools to precision measurement and advanced diagnostics, RealD Professional advanced technology has served the medical industry for almost 15 years, providing stereoscopic visualization systems to enable better productivity and accuracy. Stereoscopic is enabling minimally invasive methods for complex procedures, reducing healing time, increasing patient throughput, and improving procedure success rates while reducing investment and increasing productivity in medical applications.

    Sample Applications

    • Molecular modeling in stereoscopic 3D has sped the process of mapping the human genome and drug discovery.
    • Medical diagnostics in 3D are helping with cancer and other disease detection and diagnosis, as well as X-ray and MRI analysis.
    • Endoscopic surgery using robotic controls is more efficient and accurate with stereoscopic 3D, allowing for complex operations to become minimally invasive.
    • Surgical training and visualization in 3D is more realistic and effective.
  6. Schools/Education
    Stereoscopic technology is applicable to a variety of subjects and provides teachers and students with new tools that drive learning. From biology and medicine to engineering and chemistry, many universities are setting up dedicated visualization rooms to prepare students with professional capabilities so they can learn in a fully immersive environment while developing new commercial technologies used by a variety of growing industries.

    Sample Applications

    • Architectural modeling using AutoCAD, 3ds Max, and other programs in stereoscopic 3D provides a more realistic viewing capability and can be applied to virtual walkthroughs.
    • 3D film and entertainment content development is a fast growing segment in Hollywood with essential skills being used by every major studio and post-production house in the world.
    • Science and engineering students utilizing modeling tools such as SolidWorks and HyperChem with stereographic viewing equipment model objects with better accuracy, helping them learn more efficiently whether working with nanoparticles or mega-structures.